Wales and the French Revolution Series
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The execution of two rioters

by Anonymous

Location: Marion Löffler, Welsh Responses to the French Revolution: Press and Public Discourse (2012), doc 3.21

On Friday se’nnight were executed on Cardiff Heath, pursuant to their sentence, Samuel Hill and Aaron Williams, two of the Merthyr rioters, who had been capitally convicted at the late Great Sessions of the County of Glamorgan. – They both behaved with the greatest penitence, and seemed fully confident, through the merits of their Redeemer, of having had pardon and forgiveness. – Aaron Williams, during the course of his prayers, before they were turned off, observed “that they were going to suffer for hundreds,” Samuel Hill replied, “yes, for thousands, but I never knew so happy a day as this in the course of my life.”

Shrewsbury Chronicle, 29 May 1801.

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