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A letter reporting loyalist ritual in the town of Aberystwyth

by Anonymous

Location: Marion Löffler, Welsh Responses to the French Revolution: Press and Public Discourse (2012), doc 3.2

Extract of a letter from Aberystwith, Dec. 22, 1792.

“Yesterday a very numerous and respectable Meeting of the Gentlemen, Burgesses, and Inhabitants, of this Town and Neighbourhood, assembled at eleven o’Clock in the Forenoon, for the purpose of expressing their Loyalty to the King and Attachment to the Constitution of Great Britain; when an unanimous Declaration of their Affectionate Allegiance to his Majesty, and unalterable Attachment to the Constitution, with their Resolution to maintain it, took place, and passed amidst the Acclamations of several hundred persons present, with not a single dissenting voice; after which a handsome Dinner was sat down to at the Black Lion-Inn, and many loyal Toasts and Songs were given, a general illumination took place, a bonfire was made in the Market-place, in which Tom Paine’s libel entitled “The Rights of Man” was burnt, and the evening was spent with every demonstration of joy and tranquillity.”

Shrewsbury Chronicle, 28 December 1792.

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