Wales and the French Revolution Series
(Welsh Ballads)

A new song about the success which our soldiers had over (selection)

by Thomas Jones

A new song about the success which our soldiers had over Bonaparte and his army in France on the 16th, 17th and 18th of last June

Location: Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution, rhif / no. 36


Brydain! Brydain! Mawr yw’th lwyddiant!
Dod i Frenin Ne’r gogoniant!
Efe Ei Hun – nid dyn nac angel –
A barodd lwydd i’n gwŷr o ryfel.

’Ddeutu canol mis Mehefin
Dacw’n dechreu sŵn a dychryn
Draw yn Ffrainc rhwng miloedd lawer,
Pawb â’u harfau’n ôl eu harfer.

[Roedd pum cant o wragedd tirion
Gyda Wellington a’i ddynion;
Wel, dyma’r lle roedd galar galon,
Wrth glywed llef a gwaedd y gweddwon.]

. . .

Yn Waterloo bu llef a lladdfa,
Peidiwch ameu, er bod yma;
Lladdwyd yno, medd hanesion,
Bedwar ugain mil o ddynion!!!

[Nid haeddu gwg, ond torri’i gegen
A haeddai bradwr Ynys Bryden;
Fe fu’n achos lladd myrddiynau
Yn awr ers ugain o flynyddau!]

Ond yn lle cwyno, ddynion, cenwch!
Mae gwawr heddiw yr aiff yn heddwch.
Aed Efengyl gras trwy’r gwl[ed]ydd,
Heb neb yn galw am ladd ei gilydd.

Britain! Britain! Great is your success!
Give the King of heaven the glory!
It was He Himself – neither man nor angel –
who caused success to our men of war.

Around the middle of the month of June
lo, there begins a clamour and alarm
yonder in France between many thousands,
all with their arms according to their wont.

[There were five hundred gentle women
with Wellington and his men;
well, that is where there was heart’s grief,
hearing the cry and wailing of the widows.]

. . .

At Waterloo there was a roar and a massacre,
do not doubt, even though you are here;
stories say that eighty thousand men
were killed there!!!

[The betrayer of the Isle of Britain
deserves not a scowl but to have his windpipe broken;
he has been the cause of the death of myriads
for twenty years now!]

But instead of lamenting, men, sing!
It appears today that peace will come.
May the Gospel of grace go through the lands,
without anyone calling for the killing of each other.

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