Wales and the French Revolution Series
(Welsh Poems)

A verse ... that shows the wonderful deliverance ...brought to our kingdom when the French sailed near Ireland

by Dienw / Anonymous (fl. 1796)

A verse on ‘Belle Isle March’ that shows the wonderful deliverance that the great King brought to our kingdom when the French sailed near Ireland. With their ships full of men and weapons, intent on destroying the country, a storm of great wind broke, which blew their ships in such a miraculous way that they were prevented from fulfilling their intent, and barely escaped with their lives

Location: Welsh Poetry of the French Revolution 1789–1805


Trigolion Brydain, lân buredig
Drwy wir enwedig waith,
Rhown fawl ar gyhoedd i Iôr y lluoedd
Ar dir a moroedd maith,
’R Hwn sydd â’i hynod wir awdurdod
Anorfod hyd y nef;
Pob goruwchafiaeth sydd dan Ei helaeth
Lywodraeth odiaeth Ef.
Wrth dir Iwerddon draw,
Dangosodd nerth Ei law,
Diddymodd greulon ddrwg amcanion
Gelynion fryntion fraw:
Pan oedd eu llongau yn llawn o arfau
Mal tyrau wrth y tir,
Am dywallt gwirion waed
Trigolion Iwerddon oll yn wir,
Gwasgarodd Ef eu llu
Uwchben y ddyfnfor du
Trwy wyrth tra nerthol, anorchfygol,
Rhyfeddol iawn a fu.
Rhag cael eu h’wllys ar yr ynys
Haelionus fu Ei law,
Esgynnodd heddwch a mwyn dawelwch,
Fe ddaliodd dristwch draw.

Inhabitants of virtuous and pure Britain,
through true notable work,
let us publicly praise the Lord of hosts
on land and wide seas,
He, whose wonderful true authority
reaches invincibly unto heaven;
every victory is under His extensive
splendid government.
He showed the power of His hand
near Ireland, yonder,
he undid the cruel, wicked intent
of vile, dread enemies:
when their ships were full of weapons
like towers near land,
about, indeed, to spill the innocent blood
of all Ireland’s inhabitants
he scattered their host
above the deep dark sea
through a mighty, invincible miracle;
it was most marvellous.
lest the French should have their way on the island
God’s hand was generous,
peace and gentle tranquillity arose,
He kept sadness at bay.

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