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A blacksmith and a tailor examine ‘democracy’

by Anonymous

Location: Marion Löffler, Welsh Responses to the French Revolution: Press and Public Discourse (2012), doc 3.7

In a conversation a few days ago in a Pot-House in North-Wales, a learned Blacksmith, (with no little fire) said, he could not approve of the word Democrate, which he understood was Latin for Dimcamrogri; on this a very classical Taylor got up, declaring he felt himself much more hurt than if he had pricked his finger with a needle, at the word Democrate being contur’d in so bungling a manner; he was perfectly sure that none of Vulcan’s family were ever reckoned Scholards nor Politicians – as for the word Democrate, he would venture to say it was originally French. Here Vulcan could contain himself no longer, but swore that if Snip could not immediately give a Translation of the word, he would darken his day lights in two minutes! Shred, however, being expert at the Sheers, in order to save a drubing, cut one out in half the time, and said that Demo was French for Diawl (devil) and Crate was amkipio (snatch me). This beautiful Translation so satisfied his antagonist, that he paid him the highest encomiums as a Scholar, and spent the evening with him in the greatest harmony.

Shrewsbury Chronicle, 5 December 1794.

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