Wales and the French Revolution Series
(Welsh Ballads)

A new song in the form of a dialogue between parents and their children, who are out in the current war (selection)

by John Thomas

A new song in the form of a dialogue between parents and their children, who are out in the current war
Tune: ‘Y Dôn Fechan’

Location: Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution, rhif / no. 32


O! fechgyn Cymru, liw-gu olygon,
Blodeu gwŷr sy o blaid y Goron,
Cofio amdanoch mewn daioni,
Wycha’ rhinwedd, mae’ch rhieni.

Ein tad a’n mam, on’d trist ŷm trostoch,
Mor ddigysur y’n magasoch;
Gado Cymru a’n teulu talog,
Gado’n gwlad a’n tai goludog.

Dymunem ichwi bob bendithion
I ’mddwyn yn g’lonnog at y g’lynion;
Digonoldeb da ’c anwylder,
Heb ddim gofid ar eich cyfer.

Er in gael ymbell awr o esmwythder,
Weithiau lendid, weithiau lawnder,
Rhaid dwyn anhunedd, gwaeledd gilwg,
Pan fo’n gelyn yn ein golwg.

. . .

Mae’n alar meddwl magu bachgen
Trwy boen a gofid; pan dry ei gefen
Ym maes y gwaed y ceir ef gwedi,
I’w rwygo’n ’lodau rhwng bwledi.

Ffarwél, ffarwél, ni a fyddwn berffaith
I gadw’n breintiau, ’n tir a’n cyfraith;
Pan fynno Duw, dychwelwn adre’,
Er dur a thân, er dŵr a thonne.

Oh! lads of Wales, lovely faces,
the flowers of men who support the Crown,
your parents, noblest virtue,
remember you in kindness.

Our father and mother, so sad are we on your behalf,
so comfortlessly did you raise us;
leaving Wales and our cheerful family,
leaving our country and our prosperous houses.

We would wish you every blessing
to conduct yourselves courageously in the face of the enemy;
good competence and affection,
without any grief for you.

Even though we have a few hours of tranquillity,
sometimes brightness, sometimes plenty,
we must suffer anxiety, wretched hatred,
when our enemy is within our sight.

. . .

It is grief to think of raising a boy
in pain and care; when he turns his back
he is then found on the field of battle,
to be torn limb from limb by all the bullets.

Farewell, farewell, we shall be perfect
so as to protect our privileges, our land and our law;
when God wills, we shall return home,
in spite of steel and fire, in spite of water and waves.

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