Wales and the French Revolution Series
(Welsh Ballads)

An elegy for the tithes in France ... (selection)

by Dienw / Anonymous

An elegy for the tithes in France, sung by a churchman in mournful experience
Tune: [?‘Mentra Gwen’]

Location: Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution, rhif / no. 31


Mae’r degwm mewn peryglon, beth a wnawn? Beth a wnawn?
Mae gofid ar ein calon, beth a wnawn?
Mae’r bobol yn ei erbyn
A’u golwg fel y gelyn;
Ni cheir mo’r gwenith melyn, beth a wnawn? Beth a wnawn?
Mae hyn yn fyd anhydyn! Beth a wnawn?

Wel, dyma dro echryslon, newydd drwg, newydd drwg!
I wŷr y gynau duon, &c.;
Rhai gadd eu boliau’n llawnion,
Ficeriaid a churadion,
Trwy gael degymau mawrion, &c., &c.,
A bwyta chwys tylodion! &c.

. . .

Ffarwél i’r holl ddegymau, byth y mwy, byth y mwy,
Ni welwn ddim fath ddyddiau, &c.;
Mae miloedd yn galaru
I’w weld e’n cael ei gladdu
A mynd i’r bedd i bydru, &c., &c.,
Heb obaith daw e’ i fyny, &c.

The tithe is in danger, what shall we do? What shall we do?
There is distress upon our heart, what shall we do?
The people are against it
and their appearance is hostile;
the white wheat shall not be had, what shall we do? What shall we do?
This is an intractable world! What shall we do?

Well, this is an atrocious turn, bad news, bad news!
For the men of the black robes, &c.;
the ones who had their bellies full,
vicars and curates,
by having great tithes, &c., &c.,
and eating the sweat of the poor! &c.

. . .

Farewell to all the tithes, ever more, ever more,
we shall not see such days, &c.;
thousands are mourning
seeing it being buried
and going to the grave to rot, &c., &c.,
without hope that it shall come back, &c.

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