Wales and the French Revolution Series
(Welsh Poems)

A song of praise to the militia of the twelve counties of Wales

by Dienw / Anonymous

Location: Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution, rhif / no. 28


Milisia Cymru, oll o’r bron,
Dymunai’n dda i’r deyrnas hon;
George y Trydydd yw ein pen,
O! llwyddiant iddo byth, Amen.

Ffrainc a Sbaen a Holand sydd
Mewn bwriad llawn o gario’r dydd;
O! cy[m]rwn galon, Gymry, nawr –
E fynnwn weld eu pennau i lawr.

Hwylio’u llongau maent yn awr
’Gael dyfod dros y cefnfor mawr
I Milfford Hafen cyn bo hir,
Lle treia rhain eu landio i dir.

Sir Aberteifi ddaw’n ddi-frad,
Wrth notes y drums y bydd eu tra’d;
And always ready by the word,
“I’ll bravely fight for George the Third!”

Sir Gaerfyrddin ddaw i lawr
Yn fechgyn glana’, teca’u gwawr;
A rheini’n siriol fel y sêr –
With hearts of steel they’ll never fear.

The militia of Wales, all together,
wishes well to this kingdom;
George the Third is our leader,
Oh! may he ever prosper, Amen.

France and Spain and Holland
fully intend to win the day;
Oh! let us Welshmen now take heart –
we wish to see their heads brought low.

They are now sailing their ships
to come over the great ocean
to Milford Haven before long,
where they will try to come to land.

Cardiganshire comes without treachery,
their feet will move to the notes of the drums,
And always ready by the word,
“I’ll bravely fight for George the Third!”
Carmarthenshire comes down,
lads of the fairest and most handsome appearance;
and they are cheerful like the stars –
With hearts of steel they’ll never fear.

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