Wales and the French Revolution Series

Dr Mary-Ann Constantine

Dr Mary-Ann Constantine

Senior Fellow and Project Leader

Mary-Ann Constantine took her first degree in English Literature at Clare College, Cambridge (1988–91), and stayed on to do a Ph.D in Breton folklore. She moved to Aberystwyth in 1995 and held a succession of Research Fellowships in the Welsh Department, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. During this period she taught various topics in Welsh and Celtic Studies, and continued her work on the ballad tradition in Brittany. She joined the Iolo Morganwg project as leader in March 2002.

Mary-Ann’s main interest is in the literature and the literary lives of the Romantic period, and especially in the interactions between ‘high’ and ‘low’ forms, and between oral and written sources. Her work in the past has looked at the transformation of folk material, such as the oral ballads of Brittany, by collectors and editors for a literate (and Romantic) public. The vexed issues of authenticity and ownership, and the weight attached to such ‘national’ traditions, are also central to her work on Iolo Morganwg. Her most recent book is a detailed comparison of Iolo with other supposed literary ‘forgers’ of the period, James Macpherson, Thomas Chatterton and the Breton Hersart de La Villemarqué.

The Breathing, a collection of short stories by Mary-Ann Constantine, was published by Planet in November 2008.

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