Wales and the French Revolution Series

Dr Marion Löffler

Dr Marion Löffler.

Research Fellow

Dr Marion Löffler’s main research interest is the interplay of language, history, culture and nationalism, as her early volume Englisch und Kymrisch in Wales: Geschichte der Sprachsituation und Sprachpolitik, published in 1997, shows. As a member of A Social History of the Welsh Language Project (1994–2001) she concentrated on researching the history of the Welsh language in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the Celtic movement of the same period. Two chapters on the contribution of cultural nationalist organizations to the survival of the Welsh language in the twentieth century are included in the volume ’Let’ s Do Our Best for the Ancient Tongue’: The Welsh Language in the Twentieth Century. Her volume ’A Book of Mad Celts’: John Wickens and the Celtic Congress of Caernarfon (available from Amazon.co.uk) and other publications are the fruit of her interest in the history of nineteenth-century pan-Celticism. As Managing Editor for Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia (2001–2005), a part of The Celtic Languages and Cultural Identity Project, she commissioned, wrote and edited entries and organized illustrations. She joined Iolo Morganwg and the Romantic Tradition in Wales Project in January 2005 and published her volume The Literary and Historical Legacy of Iolo Morganwg, 1826–1926 in 2007. Other research interests encompass the interplay of cultural and political nationalism, Oliver Cromwell’s reception in nineteenth-century Wales, and the ironmaster nationalist and MP Edward Thomas John.

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Welsh Responses to the French Revolution: Press and Public Discourse 1789-1802