Wales and the French Revolution Series

    Wales and the French Revolution

    The French Revolution was the defining event of the Romantic period in Europe. It upset not only the ordering of society but language and thought itself.

    We know a great deal about the impact of the Revolution and its aftermath on British culture. Yet surprising gaps remain. Even recent studies are poorly informed about responses from the regions: Wales, with its separate language and culture, has been especially neglected.

    In what ways did Welsh responses differ from those in Scotland, Ireland or London?

    Our research project, funded by the AHRC and the University of Wales, is currently exploring the effects of a period of extraordinary upheaval on Welsh life and letters.

    The Wales and the French Revolution series, currently at eight published volumes with more to come, has opened up a wide range of material across the political and social spectrum. Ballads, poems, letters, sermons, diaries, and newspaper articles all tell the story in their own way.