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Lleoliad: Marion Löffler, Welsh Responses to the French Revolution: Press and Public Discourse (2012), doc 2.9

On Saturday last, a body of Colliers, from the Forest of Dean, nearly 300 in number, marched into Monmouth; and, after waiting on the Mayor, informed him it was their intention to regulate the prices of provisions in the market. – They accordingly went to the butter-market, where they sold the whole stock of that article at 8d. per lb. – They also took possession of a cheese-standing, where they disposed of that commodity at 4d. per lb. – Their unexpected appearance in town created a temporary alarm, but as no personal violence was offered to any one, the fears of the inhabitants soon subsided; and after remaining about two hours, they returned home, without disturbance or molestation.

Hereford Journal, 13 May 1795.

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