Ymddiheuriadau, ond nid oes cyfieithiad Cymraeg y tudalen hon ar gael.


Responses to the revolution came from some of Welsh history’s most compelling characters, and their views are well represented here. Rather than focus on individuals, however, our project has attempted to capture a wide range of voices from across the social and political spectrum. We have explored the period through different genres, producing a series of anthologies that allow the reader to ‘listen in’ to the concerns of the period as people heard and read them at the time: in newspapers and sermons, ballads and poems – and, more privately, in letters and travel writing. We look, too at the role of translation in the Welsh response, and reflect on some of the wider themes in a collection of essays.

In addition to the printed publications, a selection of the material will be available on this website, together with biographies of the most influential characters of the period.