Ymddiheuriadau, ond nid oes cyfieithiad Cymraeg y tudalen hon ar gael.


Mary-Anne Constantine & Paul Frame (eds.), Travels in Revolutionary France & A Journey Across America: George Cadogan Morgan and Richard Price Morgan (Cardiff, 2012)

In July 1789, George Cadogan Morgan, born in Bridgend, Wales, the nephew of the celebrated radical dissenter Richard Price (1723-91), found himself caught up in the opening events of the French Revolution. In 1808, his family left Britain for America where his son, Richard Price Morgan, travelled extensively, making a descent of thhe Ohio and Mississippi Rivers by raft and helping build some of the early American railroads. The adventures of both men are related here via letters George sent home to his family from France and throught the autobiohgraphy written by his son in America.

'Two intriguing glimpses, both previously unpublished, into the history of a single family. George Cadogan Morgan's account of his travles in France at the very start of the French Revolution are a fascinating addition to our knowledge of that event; the autobiography of his son offers an equally compelling narrative of the hopes and disappointments of an immigrant from Britain trying to make a living in nineteenth-century America, both are wonderfully readable, and have been expertly introduced by two outstanding scholars.'

Professor John Barrell, University of York