Ymddiheuriadau, ond nid oes cyfieithiad Cymraeg y tudalen hon ar gael.


Elizabeth Edwards, English-language Poetry from Wales 1789-1806 (Cardiff, 2013)

The French Revolution and the resulting Revolutionary Wars transformed the place of Wales in the Anglophone poetry of the period 1789-1806. While the British response to events in France was being fiercely debated in these years, Wales and its contested history became prime imaginative territory for writers of all political sympathies. This anthology introduces a wide-ranging selection of English-langugae Welsh poetry from the period. Brought together for the first time, and in some cases published for the first time, these texts create a new poetic map of Wales that unfolds over a decade and a half of Revolutionary-inspired crisis.

'Elizabeth Edwards has recuperated texts from archival and scarce print sources with meticulous scholarship, introduced them with a well-informed and illustrated survey of Anglophone poetry concerning Wales in this period, and provided full biographical and explanatory notes to stimulate further research on the subject. Edwards's path-breaking volume is the first ever such anthology to be published, and provides a unique insight into the literary past.'

Professor Caroline Franklin, Swansea University